Social Distancing Humor

Welcome to Author Next Door!

Friends on our block came up with the idea for a contest: suggestions for social-distancing activities. Here are a few my husband and I came up with:

  1. Play a game of Jenga using your hoarded stack of toilet paper.
  2. Count how many bounces of a tennis ball it would it take to walk around the block.
  3. Play a game of Scrabble scoring under 100 points/over 100 points/exactly 100 points.
  4. Using a sheet of printer paper and only office supplies found on hand plus glitter from your saved 2019 Christmas cards, make a worthy birthday card for Liberace. As a bonus, listen to the YouTube video of Liberace playing Chopsticks while you work. If you are a Millennial, make your card for Billy Porter.
  5. Engage in a weed-pulling contest with your neighbor. Later, commiserate with texted pictures of appropriate-only body parts–depending on your relationship with your neighbor–soaking in Epson salts next to a disappearing margarita. The person claiming the larger number of sore muscles from different body areas wins.
  6. Speed-read through your Amazon buy history page and mark items either as 1) life-changing or 2) what was I thinking?
  7. Stick toothpicks into a square of Styrofoam or the side of an Amazon cardboard box in your garage and wrap dental floss around them to make an art picture. Extra credit: first tie-dye the floss several different colors of food color.

I expect our list will get longer as the days/weeks/months drag by…stay safe and healthy!

Karen Taylor Saunders